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Hiiii + welcome! My name is Alyssa. I like a bunch of things, and I'm pretty enthusiastically into each and every one of them. Being such an enthusiastic liker of so many things kiiiinda makes you wanna talk about said things, like, all the time, which is probably more than the people around you care to hear about. Oops.

I started this blog as an outlet for all of those things, so you'll find scraps of everything here, including—but definitely not limited to—beauty, food, fashion + music, with a nice drizzle of geek culture on top. 

I'd wanted to try blogging + vlogging, or basically just consistently creating content on the internet, for, well... A while. I was just too hesitant—too afraid, really—to actually put myself out there, and kept making excuses to put it off. I knew I'd eventually get the nerve, it was just a matter of when, I reckon.

So now, here we are, with this lovely little blog, very aptly titled: Fragments of Memories. I think every time we write something, every time we snap a photo—of the sky, a loved one, ourselves—we're capturing a moment, a time period. Things change, constantly. Opinions, tastes, the people you're close to, your hair, your home, everything. But, when you're taking a video, a photo, writing about these things, whatever it is that you love in this moment, it's a sliver of a brief moment in time, encapsulated into something more tangible; a fragment of a memory.