Rusted Smoke (an autumn makeup tutorial)

8:33 AM

Long time, no write!

I've struggled with some pretty debilitating mental illness for nearly the past year, and I'm sort of finally picking up out of it. The anxiety was absolutely unbearable and made it pretty much impossible for me to do almost anything, including create things, which was incredibly frustrating and upsetting.

But! I'm making things again. I'll probably be mostly posting extra content with my videos here, as Youtube is really the medium I love most! My goal is three videos a week, and if you're interested in any of that you can go here for song covers and original songs + here for.... literally everything else! (no one even is reading this, are they? ....hi, mom!)(just kidding, my mom doesn't even read this blog.)

Annnyway, this is a makeup tutorial I filmed a couple weeks ago because Autumn makes me happy and so do all of its colors. I hope you're all well and that lady Autumn is treating you so nicely.

Love love love,


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