Growing Up Is Hard to Do — A Playlist

6:05 PM

"Candy is childhood, the best and the bright moments you wish could have lasted forever." 
 Dylan Lauren

Time just keeps rolling on, and you get further and further from the wide-eyed wonder that you once were, dizzy in your own world of blanket forts and make-believe.

I've always been a very nostalgic persona double-edged sword of sorts. Who doesn't miss being a kid? You don't even have enough life experience at the time to realize that you should be appreciating every moment of being a child, so you just keeping thinking how awesome it'd be to be a teenager. (Ew.)

I guess you could say this is the Wendy version of my Neverland playlist; realistic, and slightly more somber, but tinged with hope. Wendy chooses to leave Neverland, because she decides that staying a kid forever isn't really all it's cracked up to be. She's happier for it.

Maybe we will be, too?

AIN'T IT FUN // paramore
REAL WORLD // matchbox 20
STRESSED OUT // twenty one pilots
DREAMS // cassie steele
YESTERDAY // the beatles
SPOTLIGHT (OH NOSTALGIA) // patrick stump
WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN? // blink-182
GROWING UP // alex g
BE OK // ingrid michaelson
YOUTH // foxes
WAKE ME UP // avicii
HOW FAR WE'VE COME // matchbox 20
I LOVE IT // icona pop

What are some songs you feel like encompass growing up? Even if you can't think of any, feel free to babble any thoughts you have about growing up at me; I'd so so love to hear them!

(also, I've posted this on my tumblr here!)

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