Tips for Unwinding + Self-Care

12:30 PM

I've always been very prone to overthinking. A blessing, and a curse, I suppose, but mostly it can just get annoying. Learning to deal with it and finding ways to get out of my head for awhile and just chill has been a long process, but it gets a little easier all the time, and these are some things I try to make myself do on the regular that seem to help.


Take a shower or bath, whatever you're into, and get all nice and clean. Pull out all the stops + really take the time to pamper yourself, whatever that means for you. Shave, do a face mask, apply copious amounts of moisturizer on your body, go wild!


Whatever that is for you! Cooking, baking, lounging with your favorite show, reading a book, browsing tumblr, anything! Set aside time to just do what you love.


Clean up a little bit if your space is messy. It really improves your mood! Light a candle, turn on some fairy lights, turn on some of your favorite music and some rainy noises and let the chill seep in.

And if you aren't sure where to start, here's a list of things that I find soothing that maybe you would, too!

  • Cooking/baking
  • Candles
  • Curling up with a blanket and movie/tv show
  • ASMR videos (!!!! and if you don't know what ASMR is, click here!)
  • Guided meditation
  • Snuggling with a pet 
  • Playing an instrument
  • Doodling
  • Writing (your thoughts, emotions, poetry, songs, stories, anything!)
  • Tidying up
  • Browsing the tumblr tag of something you love (my current fave: the autumn tag!)
  • Listening to music
  • Playing dress up/playing with makeup (sounds silly but it works!)
  • Reading a book
  • I don't usually take naps, but I do hear that they make some people feel better!
  • Dance around to your favorite song 

I hope you find the time for yourself to unwind and that maybe some of these tips helped you a little!!


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  1. I love this post, this is just what I need right now!! I love guided meditation and cuddling my kitty watching crap TV

    Lauren x |

    1. I'm so glad!! Hahah yes, cuddling pets + watching crap TV is where it's at. And guided meditation is so relaxing. x

  2. Ooooh, fairy/christmas lights + a candle sets the perfect atmosphere for me. Even doing work feels good like that! Though of course, I'd take relaxing over work any day ;)

    becky ♡ star violet

    1. Right?? Setting the atmosphere is so important. :)


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