Sailor Moon Inspired Drinks — Act II: Ami

12:01 PM

The first time I saw Sailor Moon as a kid, Ami (or Amy, as it was in the '90s dub) immediately stole my heart. She was shy like me, she liked reading, and she had blue hair, which just so happened to be my favorite color as a kid.

Solid reasons, in my six-year old mind.

A drink idea for Ami was surprisingly hard to come up with; the first thing that came to mind was vanilla, and I was afraid that it would seem too boring, too predictable of a choice for her character. But genuinely, she just strikes me as someone who would like vanilla over chocolate!

And so, a vanilla frappucino it was.

Easy, mild, but also complex and flavorful. Kind of like Ami herself.

Ami's Vanilla Frappucino

1 frozen banana
1/2 c vanilla creamer (I made some using my own variation of this recipe!)
1/2 c milk of choice
2 tsp vanilla extract or some vanilla bean

Put it all in your blender and whirl it up! Garnish with whipped cream, if desired.

For Mercury's symbol, I melted some white chocolate with a few drops of blue food coloring, and drew it on top with a squeeze bottle, then added ice crystal sprinkles. 

I really loved how this turned out. It had such a nice flavor and creaminess to it, like the kind of thing you could drink every morning and not get tired of it too quickly.

Next up.... It's time for F I R E. ♂

♥ Alyssa

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  1. Mmm this sounds delicious! I need to have a go myself!

    Lauren x |

  2. Yuuuuuum! Plus the cream on top looks super cute!

  3. it's so cool to see how you draw inspiration from anime. i really like how in the side view photo, it looks like the symbol is a body sprawled out on a hill or something. just a thought that came to mind(:

    1. hahah omg it does!!! how cute. and thank you!! :)


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