Fresh & Easy Summer Snacks

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I've always had a hard time finding healthy snacks that I like, especially during summer. My appetite dwindles quite a bit when it's hot out. I've been making more of an effort lately to combat that, and pushing myself to eat more by finding small snack things that I enjoy, so these are some things I've been munching on as of late.


It's such a simple, easy thing to fix up. I just wash a cucumber, peel it, and slice it. Mix up some tuna salad, however you like to make it, and then scoop it onto the cucumber slices like you would crackers. Also, a lil tomato on top is a nice addition.


Confession: I actually hate raw carrots. The texture of them is just... Ugh. But for whatever reason, as long as I have some sort of dip for them, I don't mind. Ranch is usual my weapon of choice, but I've been really into hummus lately.


....Or "nicecream," as it's been affectionately dubbed. I LOVE this stuff. It's so perfect for those days that are so hot you don't even feel like moving. Cool, creamy, and completely customizable. Or, alternatively, add more liquid and make it a smoothie!


I discovered this recipe a couple years ago and every time I've made it, they've been so good. I definitely prefer things like this homemade, as opposed to pre-packaged, and once you've made them, you have enough to grab and go, if you want.


I never used to be much of a fruit salad person, but my grandma loves it and has made it a few times recently, and I find that I'm much more fond of it now that I'm older. It's great because you can mix whatever kinds of fruit you like best together, and it makes a cold and delightful treat.

What are your favorite summer snacks?? Tell me 'bout 'em!

xo Alyssa

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