Spring is in the Air

10:53 AM

Yesterday was the first official day of Spring. 

It was, once upon a time, dubbed my favorite season. I'm more of an Autumn gal now, but Spring is such a beautiful, dreamy time, in a completely different way than Autumn. It's fresh and new and there are flowers everywhere. You can feel the warmth creeping back in after a cold winter, but you still have the lingering cool breezes.

Not to mention, the blossoming trees and flowers are probably one of my favorite things to look at. 

A small list of some of my favorite things about Spring time:

  • cool, breezy days
  • blooming flowers
  • the sound of lawns being mowed for the first time in months
  • when it gets warm enough that rain isn't so frigid anymore
  • seeing people out & about, soaking up the first sunny day in weeks
  • finally getting to wear shorts & dresses again
What’s your favorite part of Spring?? I’d love to hear it!

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  1. I live in California so I feel like I never really appreciate spring, but this year I feel like a new season has started in my life. I feel all romantical and hopeful. I like flowers but allergies are no bueno.

    I was reading this post and getting deja vu because I thought I had written a post about spring. I wrote some poems to celebrate spring actually. You can read them at -->http://sunovereden.blogspot.com/2015/03/springtime-haikus.html if you're interested.

    1. That's nice to hear!! Feeling like that is always a good thing. It makes things a little happier when you feel kind of renewed. And that sucks about the allergies! I don't really get them that badly, so it's easier to enjoy the flowers. ;P

  2. I think my favorite part of spring is the awakening that the world seems to go through; I'm reminded of the colors (not so much grey and white everywhere!), the birds that start chirping and the shedding of clothing layers and the daylight. When I notice these spring things for the first time my heart sings and I feel like crying from happiness!! Winter has it's beauty but I forget the way the world feels when everything is alive...and when it comes alive again, everything feels magical!!

    xoxox Naomi

    1. Okay I am seriously fawning over this. It's so beautifully worded! It encompasses exactly how I feel about spring. Thank you for sharing it. ❤

  3. Great photos! Seeing photos of beautiful plants and flowers always perks up my day ❤

    1. Thank you!! I know what you mean, it seems to be the only thing I take pictures of lately. :p


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